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The Carolinah prun arts association

our why

TCPAA was created in 2023 as a safe space for artists to expose their work, and to live to their full potential.

TCPAA is an association of filmmakers, writers, actors, artists and more that work together and support each other's work to make their dreams come true.

Our main project is Quiet On Set, a mockumentary (intended series), based on a story of an old woman who recently inherited a large sum of money from her husband (who's fate is a mystery), and she finally decides that she wants to pursue her dream of becoming an actress, so she hires random people (who don't know what they're doing) to put on a show called "Pressures Of Passion".

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Art is a powerful tool that connects people and brings joy to our lives. At our platform, we are dedicated to helping artists achieve their dreams and keep the art alive. Whether you are a painter, musician, or writer, we provide the tools and resources you need to showcase your talent and reach a wider audience. Donate today and let's make the world a more beautiful place together.

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